• Northern Metal Recycling-St. Paul Scrap Metal Price List

    Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date Copper National Average 3.38/lb Updated 07/05/2021 Steel National Average 176.00/ton Updated 07/05/2021 Aluminum National Average 0.51/lb Updated 07/05/2021

  • Recycled copper wire Etsy

    3D Copper Wire Heart Sculpture Reclaimed Wire. IronElephantDesign. 5 out of 5 stars. (9) 19.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Large Wire wrapped crystal pendant necklaces using recycled copper wire comes on a black cord. Can be altered to choker length if desired. LovelylenasJewellery.

  • Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb Georgia

    Scrap Metal Type Scrap Metal Prices in Georgia Copper 2.45 to 3.67 per Kilo Mixed Copper 3.06 to 4.28 per Kilo Copper Wire 0.92 to 1.15 per Kilo

  • Washington Scrap Metal PricesUSA

    Jul 06 2021 · Metal. Price Per Pound. Scrap #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire. 1.76. Scrap #1 Copper Tubing. 1.47. Scrap #1 Flashing Copper. 3.35. Scrap #2 Copper Tubing.

  • Arizona Scrap Metal PricesUSA

    Jul 06 2021 · Metal Price Per Pound Scrap #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire 1.88 Scrap #1 Copper Tubing 1.74 Scrap #1 Flashing Copper 3.28 Scrap #2 Copper Tubing 1.87 Scrap #2/3 Mix Copper

  • Scrap Copper Prices Elgin Recycling

    Jun 23 2021 · Scrap metal prices are derived using the commodity market spot or three month posted price for a particular commodity minus the spread for a certain classification of the metal. The spreads are affected by price fluctuations demand for a particular metal and supply levels around the world to name a few. The primary metals are traded as a commodity in the futures market such as COMEX

  • Copper-scrap Price Chart China Copper-scrap Price Today

    The latest and historical Copper-scrap prices graph and charts China Copper-scrap metal export and import market data and news in Shanghai Metals Market(SMM).

  • Colorado Scrap Metal PricesUSA

    Jul 05 2021 · Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices per Pound. Metal. Price Per Pound. Scrap #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire. 1.45. Scrap #1 Copper Tubing. 1.69. Scrap #1 Flashing Copper. 3.05.

  • Copper-scrap Price Chart China Copper-scrap Price Today

    The latest and historical Copper-scrap prices graph and charts China Copper-scrap metal export and import market data and news in Shanghai Metals Market(SMM).

  • National Scrap Metal PricesToday s Scrap Metal Prices

    40 rows · Jun 26 2021 · Current Scrap Metal Prices in the United States. Check

  • How to Recycle Scrap Copper Wire from Your Job Site

    Mar 23 2021 · Here’s how to recycle copper wire scrap from your electrical contractor business 1. Gather your scrap wire. As you’re working on a job collect the scrap copper wire and any other metals with resale value. Make sure to keep the copper wire separate from other scrap so you don’t accidentally throw it away. 2.

  • Scrap Metal Price List Columbus OhioSell Copper and

    Scrap Metal Prices Columbus Ohio. Copper Wire / Copper. Price / lb. #1 Bare Bright Wire. 3.30. #1 Copper Clean Copper. 3.20. #2 Copper Dirty Copper. 3.15.

  • Current Scrap Metal Prices Dealers YardsDashboard

    But you can roughly predict current scrap metal prices by following the price trend from the London Metal Exchange (LME) for the primary type of metal. Separated cleaned and pure scrap metals like stripped copper cable or copper tubing for example are often traded by or between professionals at formulas coupled to actual LME listings.

  • Copper Recycling in Colorado SpringsKoscove Metal

    Highest prices paid for copper recycling in colorado springs brass recycling in colorado springs aluminum recycling and all non-ferrous metal recycling 719.636.3559 Family Owned for 100 Years

  • Current PricesScrap Metal Buyers

    The type of material that you have will depend on the price per pound you receive. Some scrap metal buyers will buy everything you have while others only deal in aluminum or copper or steel. Here at Scrap Metal Buyers specialize in industrial metals high temperature alloys ferrous non-ferrous scrap metal and all types of precious metals.

  • Scrap Metal PricesJ.R. s Advanced Recyclers

    We scrap computer wire from PC’s networking and servers. Copper Alum. Radiators-Clean. 1.55/lb. Non-Ferrous. We scrap clean copper aluminum radiators free of plastic iron or steel. Copper Alum. Radiators-Dirty. 1.40/lb.

  • Stripping Copper WireIs It Worth Greener Recycling

    250mcm-750mcm wire has 90 copper recovery so let’s use same 100 lbs. if you were to sell it the way it is in today’s market you would get average 1.50 per pound so it would get you 150.00 without doing a thing to it just bring it to a recycling yard and

  • Copper-scrap Price Chart China Copper-scrap Price Today

    The latest and historical Copper-scrap prices graph and charts China Copper-scrap metal export and import market data and news in Shanghai Metals Market(SMM).

  • Copper Recycling Center Scrap Prices in Los Angeles

    Insulated Copper wire that is 14 gage or thicker (1/16 inch). If wire is stranded each wire must be 1/16 or thicker. Must have a copper recovery of 75 or more. 2.50- 2.80/lb Request mine #2 Insulated Wire Insulated Copper wire smaller than 16 gage (1/16 inch) and has a copper recovery of 55 79 . The copper wire may be coated by tin or

  • How To Recycle Copper Wire For Beginners — Inner To Words

    Know Copper Wire Scrap Prices. The copper scrap prices change every now and then. So stay up-to-date regarding the prices especially when you’re about to sell your scrap. Get in touch with someone who is from this field as they can provide the insider’s view. This will help you sell your scrap at a time when the prices are at their highest.

  • Copper ScrapShanghai Metals Market

    Jul 02 2021 · Latest Update in the China Copper Scrap Market. Copper Scrap prices. Chinese Yuan. SMM Spot Price. The data you see below is for one week ago to see the latest spot price please sign in or sign up for free. Bare Bright Copper Wire -Zhejiang (RMB/mt) 62 000-62 200. 62 .

  • Current Copper PricesUS Scrap Prices

    The chart indicates the daily price movements of US Scrap Prices for Copper . Open price indicates the starting price or the closing price of Copper for the previous day. The close price is the price when the trade had ended for the day for Copper . The changes in the Copper prices are indicated in the next column.

  • CopperMetro Metals Recycling

    Jun 21 2021 · Metro Metals Recycling gives the best prices for your scrap vehicles and scrap metal. Copper is a shiny to dull orange metal found in the earth s crust. Used mainly for electrical components. Scrap Prices. Cars Trucks etc.

  • Scrap Metal PricingUtah Metal Works

    Scrap Metal Pricing Per Pound. Metal/Material Per Pound Pricing #1 Bright Shiny Copper 3.50 #1 Copper 3.35 #1 Insulated Copper wire 1.95 #2 Copper 3.15 #2 Insulated Copper wire .85 6061 Aluminum Turnings/Borings .36 6061 Aluminum .60 6063 Extruded Aluminum All prices

  • Factory direct supply copper wire recycling machine price

    Copper cable wire recycling machine is a kind environmental protection type machinery also called as copper wire granulator machine. Copper wire granulator machine is used for recycling scrap cable wires to separated copper and plastic through crushing air separation or electrostatic separation process without using fire water or chemical thus no secondary pollution to the environment.The

  • Scrap Metal Pricing Tim Ferguson Scrap Metals

    Our hours are from 8 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday. We offer better prices for larger amounts (over 100 lbs) BARE BRIGHT COPPER WIRE. Copper wire only is NOT burned or smaller than 15 gauge. (no pipe) 2.90. #1 COPPER WIRE. Clean wire 15 gauge or greater that is free of any connectors. (may contain tarnished or green copper) 2.75. #1 INSULATED WIRE.

  • Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb California Current Scrap

    Here is a list of approximate Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound Paid by Junkyards in California. We recommend you call as many local junkyards as you can to request their current scrap metal prices per pound use our list of California junkyards on this page to

  • 8th July 2021-North American Scrap Metal Prices Dipped on

    17 hours ago · The price of #1 Copper Bare Bright too dropped by 0.06 per Lb. The prices of #1 Insulated Copper Wire 85 Recovery declined by 0.01 per Lb over the day. #2 Insulated Copper Wire 50 Recovery prices were down by 0.01 per Lb. #3 Copper-Light copper prices tumbled by 0.06 per Lb from previous day’s level.

  • Copper Scrap Prices USA UK China India Current Scrap

    Copper Scrap Prices United States China India UK. Current Scrap copper Price USD/LB CNY/MT Rupee/Ton on 06 July 2021. Current Prices of Copper Scrap Grades #1 Copper Bare Bright Scrap #1 Copper Wire and Tubing Scrap #2 Copper Wire and Tubing Scrap #3 CopperLight Copper Scrap #1 Insulated Copper Wire 85 Recovery Scrap

  • How to get the best price for your scrap copper wire

    Nov 01 2019 · Some background Scrap copper wire sells for high prices since it can be reused and re-purposed without altering the metal’s quality. In fact around 80 percent of all copper used today is recycled and re-purposed. It’s a good idea to know precisely what sets scrap copper wire grades apart as well as which grade provides the best overall

  • CopperScrap Metal Buyers

    Since copper is a highly conductive metal it is found in countless electrical parts machines and other equipment. It is also highly valuable and sought-after for recycling purposes. We can recycle all solid forms of copper and pay you a competitive price for your copper scrap materials.

  • San Diego County RecyclingCopper Scrap Metal Prices

    San Diego County Recycling. SDC Recycling Services 3974 Spring Drive Spring Valley CA 91977 US (619)

  • 8th July 2021-North American Scrap Metal Prices Dipped on

    17 hours ago · Copper Scrap Prices The price of Alternator scrap witnessed no change on Index. The price of #1 Copper Wire and Tubing and #2 Copper Wire and Tubing prices were down by 0.06 per Lb. The price of #1 Copper Bare Bright too dropped by 0.06 per Lb.

  • Recycling Price List Grapperhaus Metal

    Jun 30 2021 · Visit us to recycle vehicles appliances copper aluminum cans and more for scrap metal. 20521 Fricker Road Highland IL 62249 MonFri 08 00am05 00pm Sat. 8 00am1 00pm

  • Pricing for Scrap Metal Copper and More Reliable

    Frederick s most trusted metal recycling center is Reliable Recycling Center. Bring us your ferrous and non-ferrous metals and get cash Metals we accept include steel copper brass stainless steel aluminum lead and batteries. Call us today for pricing